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Important Features of the Best Motherboards for Gaming in 2015 and Beyond

When you are selecting a motherboard for a gaming PC, there are certain key factors you should consider. These include build quality, CPU compatibility and memory capacity. The motherboard connects all the other parts of your PC together. Hence the choice of your motherboard can either give you a thrilling and smooth gaming experience or an awful one. In 2015, various motherboards for gaming have been released into the market. But you must select one that can handle all the current games and those that will soon be released. Here is a brief discussion of the features to look for when choosing motherboards for gaming.

Good Build Quality

A good gaming motherboard should be strong and durable. This is very important because gaming puts a high demand on the electrical components of the board. quality control with green check markSo you should always choose a brand that has a strong reputation for quality and durability. If you are completely new to motherboards, you should check for reviews of motherboards that have passed benchmark tests. Some of the features you can physically examine to ascertain build quality include: the presence of more than one large heatsink, durable materials, and more attractive design. Brand names such as Gigabyte, ASUS, ASRock, and MSI provide durable gaming motherboards at relatively low prices.

Compatibility with the Latest CPUs

The two major CPU makers: Intel and AMD are constantly producing new processors and chipsets with powerful features that are of high value to gamers. Round-Hole-Square-PegAlways remember that you will have to select your CPU first and pick either Intel or AMD before you attempt to buy a motherboard. For instance, Intel’s high end gaming processors such as the i7-4820K use the new LGA 2011 socket. To enjoy its full capabilities, you will need to buy an expensive motherboard that has this socket to support the CPU. Intel socket types all carry the LGA prefix e.g. LGA1155, LGA1366 while AMD sockets are listed with prefixes such as FM, AM3, and AM3+.

However, older Core i5 Quad-Core processors are however available at a lower price, and they still offer great performance on the latest games, when you pair them up with cheaper motherboards. You can even find some Core i3 processors such as the i3-3240 dual core that also enable you to play games with heavy graphics perfectly. AMD also has some nice and affordable gaming processors such as the A10-5800K APU. Currently, Intel is ahead of AMD with its release of more powerful and more energy-efficient gaming processors.

Memory and Over-clocking

To enjoy the best gaming experience, you must have adequate memory. Today, a new gaming PC should have a minimum of 4GB RAM. Random Access Memory ModuleBut since memory is now quite cheap, you should aim for 8GB. Hence, you will be covered for the next generation of games. Choose a motherboard that supports the fastest DD3 memory. That means your motherboard must support DDR3 RAM modules that operate at a frequency of 1600 Mhz or higher. In addition, if you love overclocking your CPU and memory, you should opt for a motherboard that can support very high frequency memory (as high as 2800 Mhz or more) and extreme memory profiles. Currently, Intel motherboards tend to support overclocking better than AMD.


Those are some of the most vital features you should look for in motherboards for gaming. Remember to invest more time when researching and choosing this component since it will have great impact on the overall stability, performance, and lifespan of the entire PC.

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Motherboards For Gaming – Important Points To Remember

When it comes to motherboards for gaming, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. You have probably realized by now that a motherboard is a critical component of any computing device. It is important to note that your RAM, CPU or even the graphics card will all be useless if you do not have a good motherboard. Below we take a look at some of the important factors that should be considered prior to purchasing a gaming motherboard. So, continue reading to discover more. Therefore, check and make sure your motherboard is capable of supporting the amount of memory you would like to use with it.

CPU Compatibility

Prior to selecting the ideal gaming motherboard, consider CPU compatibility. Even so, this process is actually quite simple to verify. Just check the CPU and the motherboard to find it if they have a similar processor interface. RAM compatibility is yet another important factor. The particular motherboard you choose greatly determines the size of RAM. Nowadays, a DDR3 RAM and a minimum of 4GB will be adequate for your gaming needs.

PCI and USB Ports

Gaming enthusiasts who need additional PCI ports for additional cards are advised to examine their motherboards and check whether they are available. It is also a good idea to buy a motherboard that has several USB ports. You want at minimum 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports.

Don’t Cheap Out on Your Motherboard

Since a gaming motherboard plays a critical role in determining your gaming experience, it is advisable that you buy the best you are able to afford. Shop around for reliability and quality for the best possible gaming experience. By following these simple guidelines, you can easily purchase a gaming motherboard that perfectly suits your gaming needs and requirements. Nevertheless, most motherboards are fitted with built-in quality audio. As a result, getting a sound card may be optional in most cases. However, you can invest in another sound card if you wish.

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Choosing The Best Gaming Motherboard

Motherboard for gaming is paramount factor to consider for gamers who want to fully enjoy gaming on their computers. There are various factors to take into account and solely it should be compatible with all other components. The motherboard represents the PC core; it connects and relays information between all internal components. Therefore buying a good motherboard is a crucial investment. Here are some factors to consider when choosing;

CPU compatibility-the motherboard should be compatible. it either supports Intel or AMD CPUs and by simply checking if they have the same processor interface will enable to determine their compatibility.

RAM compatibility-at the moment getting a DDR3 RAM and 4GB memory is suitable for gamings which are readily available.

Ports, Slots and other features- there is a need for extra PCI ports for other cards so one should ensure that they are available. A fire wire port should be available in case you will need video capturing and editing. PCI express ports should also be available to slot video cards especially if you will need two slotted into your machine. If you will need a dedicated sound card port you will need another PCI express port. Sound cards come in two different options dedicated and on board audio and most motherboards come with a inbuilt audio and getting a dedicated soundcard is optional. If you will need a to enhance your gaming experience and want to take advantage of high quality speakers or headphones you will have to invest in a good soundcard.

When choosing the best motherboard it is advisable to choose a decent quality motherboard that will last and a recent release, the motherboard should be affordable and from a trusted manufacturer for a guarantee quality and reliability such as ASUS,Intel among others. There are also custom made motherboards.